Web Development & Hosting

We provide in-house services to handle all regular aspects of building a website, from initial design and logo development to content management applications for sites of all sizes ranging from single pages, blogs and small business sites to full scale corporate websites. With experience in designing literally hundreds of vector based graphics from concept to launch, we create jaw-dropping designs that not only look amazing but achieve results and users experience.

While constantly communicating with the client, we organize all aspects of the project from a typical content management system to specifically targeted web applications to produce highly usable, modular and search engine optimized solutions. We also offer a full range of hosting and domain services including domain registration, shared or dedicated hosting and email facilities. This means that your whole project can be managed with just one point of contact leaving you with more time to run your business without having to get involved in the technical aspects of setting up a website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of Internet marketing that improves the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural," search results. According to a recent survey people have moved away from searching print media for their needs. They use search engines to find the products and services they want. The first step to have a successful presence over the internet is creating your own website but that is not enough. When someone searches for the products/services that you offer your name needs to be listed high in the search engine. CyberCrest guarantees you search engine optimization on your website to ensure your organizations name features in the top ten listing in all the search engines. This will ensure that the traffic to your site will increase exponentially aiding you in the sales of more products and services and therby helping forward-thinking companies achieve and surpass their business goals.

Software & Systems Development

To complete a sound technolgical infrastructure, high performance hardware requires flawless software. CyberCrest Systems offers you first class software vending solutions that include Business Accounting Packages, Antivirus packages, Networking Packages, Photo & Video Editing Packages to name just a few. In situations were a client needs an out-of-the-box software requirement, we develop custom made software, web applications and interactive systems to meet your exact business need. If you have a new business need but lack technology solutions to support them, CyberCrest can provide prototyping and concept development and if your solutions are under development and you need additional technology expertise, CyberCrest can collaborate with your team on new system development and maintenance. In any client engagement, we think like partners, take ownership of our work and focus on adding value. We communicate our opinions and provide constructive feedback, acting as your trusted technology advisor.

Robust Telecomms Solutions

Are you in need of specialised Telecomm services? Then look no further, at CCS we take care of all networks configurations from single office setups to fully fledged coporate setups. We configure VSATs, WiMax and other wireless internet connectivities. Our experienced engineers provide you with simple and effective solutions to real world complex telecomm networks installations by providing compact routing and switching in your LAN, WAN and MAN networks.

Great Laptops & Desktop Deals

Visit us for top-of-the-range computer deals. Our products come with a full product support guarantee that includes PC maintenance, antivirus support and vital software installations.

PC Maintenance
CyberCrest provides computer and technical consulting ( repairs, training, networking, Windows reinstallation and upgrade services ) to local small businesses as well as home PC users as these typically don't have a full-time IT person, but have full-time IT needs. In this regard our goal is to set the standard for on-site, on-demand computer solutions through fast, on/off site service and response. Our customers will always receive one-on-one personal attention at a very affordable price. We also offer software support (installation and compatibility issues), and focus on working with clients to make sure they have the most appropriate combinations of hardware, OS, networking, backup systems, and software. Backup and security are becoming higher priorities for all our clients as more and more daily records are stored electronically.


Computer Accessories

To fully compliment our Desktop and Laptop deals, CyberCrest also supplies all related computer parts that include batteries, power packs ( Laptop chargers ), DVD ROMs, RAM (all types), mouse & keyboards, motherboards and many more!



ICT Business Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of professional advice on how to set up your business in tandem with current global ICT standards, helping you keep abreast with the newest technologies in this field. The mission of our Consulting Service department is to provide our clients with understandable information in the modern spectrum of cutting edge ICT Technologies - individual as well as corporate. We offer affordable, innovative, cost and time-effective solutions for your business, setting you a platform you can strive on.