Service Delivery

Murewa Rural District council undertakes and is committed to the active promotion of equal opportunities in the provision of our services to the community. Where we need to, we will adapt our services to ensure we are meeting our Customer Promise. The following services are a top priority to the community we serve:

The District still needs new roads in its 10 wards and maintains 1000km of road network twice per year.

Council has an ambitious project of generating energy and fertilisers from recycling solid waste. With the assistance of other developmental partners (EU) through CARITAS.A plant for recycling plastics has also been earmarked as an important capital project for council but due to lack of funding the project is still outstanding.

Council through the participation of the community, council annually crafts a financial plan and priority projects.

16 health care institutions but the plan is to have a health Service centre in each of the 30 wards by 2018 .

Tourism Potential
Bushman Paintings: source:Murewa Culture Centre

Murewa is endowed with natural resources in the form of balancing rocks, rock paintings and magnificent dwalas, sacred mountains and sacred pools beautiful gorges. We also take pride of a rich cultural heritage.The tourism potential in these resources still remains untapped. Plans to protect and conserve the resources have been made in order to add and derive value. Read More

Firewood vendors fined by EMA officers in Diza village, ward 5

Through the Environment committee Council has embarked on afforestation projects throughout the wards by producing and donating gum-seedlings for the establishment of community woodlots. The effort is to curb massive deforestation which is rampant in the District from household, village, ward and District level.

Tobacco Curing
Firewood vendors fined by EMA officers in Diza village, ward 5

Murewa is a renowned tobacco producing District. The thrust is to foster the use of coal for tobacco curing in order to reduce deforestation but logistical challenges in the procurement, transportation and distribution of coal are the militating factor.

Green Agenda
Firewood vendors fined by EMA officers in Diza village, ward 5

Greening efforts have commenced in the two urban wards(29 and 30) to enhance the landscapes’ aesthetic value.

Eradication of Lantana Camara
Lantana camara at a homestead in Matara village, Ward 10

Lantana Camara is an invasive species which is consuming an increasing hectarage of the District’s ecosystems. Its permanent eradication is paramount and efforts to that effect are already underway.

Restoration Of Degraded Environments
Chingwaru gulley, Chingwaru village, Ward 3 Gutu wetland, Gutu village, ward 8, Murewa district.

Several gullies traverse the width and breadth of the District. Efforts to reclaim some of worst gullies have started and mechanical and biological methods are being used for example at one Chivake Gully where gabion blocks are being constructed complemented by the planting of vetiver grass. Wetland protection is also a priority. Gutu wetland in ward 14 was successfully restored and wetland flora and fauna which was nearing extinction is thriving.(SOURCE: Environmental Management Agency)

Firewood vendors fined by EMA officers in Diza village, ward 5

Some major rivers in the Mazoe catchment area such as Chivake, Shavanhowe and Inyagui pass through Murewa. They are however threatened with siltation Chivake supplies portable water to Murewa Growth point. Scooping the sand to increase the volume of water and save the aquatic ecosystems is being hindered by lack of equipment.The main cause of siltation is stream bank cultivation(horticultural related) as illustrated below.

Veld Fires
Firewood vendors fined by EMA officers in Diza village, ward 5

These are a perennial problem with the incidence of occurrence increasing with each fire season. This is despite the ongoing education and awareness programmes. The methods of fighting the fires is largely manual in the absence of mechanised equipment and or modern fire fighting methods.

With an increasing volume of waste generated by the growing urban population, a plastic waste recycling project (BioGas Digestor) has been constructed in line with the global agenda of creating cleaner cities.

Council is the responsible authority for 87 schools and 10 applied and approved schools which are yet to be constructed.

Land Use Planning
Murewa Growth Point is now a designate industrialised modern town and the project should complete by 2018. Residential and business stands, commercial/industrial are being designed and allocated at both Growth Points Murewa and Macheke and rural service centres.
Murewa Rural District Council has 10 000 housing units combined Murewa and Macheke and 300 housing units in rural service centres. There is a proposed mixed density with about 320 housing units which are yet to be serviced with clean water, sewer and a reliable road network. The housing waiting lists currently stands at 3000..

The district is undertaking community projects in various wards i.e. Chingwaru clinic Ward 03-construction of staff houses and completion of the clinic super structure and sanitary facilities, Chenhuta Secondary School Ward 01-construction of staff houses, classroom blocks and sanitary facilities, Muchenje Secondary School Ward 09-construction of staff houses, classroom blocks and sanitary facilities, Chirunji Primary School Ward 22-construction of staff houses, classroom blocks and sanitary facilities, HomePark Secondary School Ward 23-construction of staff houses, classroom blocks and sanitary facilities, Chidiya Clinic Ward 26-construction of staff houses, clinic superstructure and sanitary facilities, Chivhinge Primary School Ward 11-construction of staff houses, classroom blocks and sanitary facilities, Deepwell Drilling Wuyuwuyu Clinic Ward 17, Gumbanjera Secondary School Ward 17, Zengenene Primary School ward 27 and Beta Secondary School Ward 13, Zhombwe Secondary School Ward 8-construction of staff houses, classroom blocks and sanitary facilities, Matututu Secondary School Ward 04--construction of staff houses, classroom blocks and sanitary facilities.

With more than 6000 housing units at Murewa Growth Point and an additional 100 of business stands at the centre, the current water supply is not adequate. We applied for assistance from various Non-Governmental Organisations working in the district and Caritas Zimbabwe pledged to assist us in that regard during 2014 mid-year but nothing materialised as of now.