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About Murewa RDC

Murewa Rural District Council is a quasi-governmental institution located on the 86km peg on Harare Nyamapanda road in Mashonaland East Province. The Local Authority’s reason for existence is service delivery in the nation state’s statecraft business hence the need to fit its strategies with the Central Government’s strategy (ZIMASSET-2014 2018) in delivering social services, infrastructure development and food security. The district according to the 2012 census has a population of 93 367 males and 101 718 females bringing about a total of 195 085 people. It has 28 wards which are wholly communal and two wards which are Growth Points and it falls under region 2a and 2b with commercial farming areas, A1 farming areas, A2 farming areas and communal farmers.

The head-office is located at Murewa Growth Point while there is a sub office at Macheke Growth Point. The economy of the district is primarily agrarian with potential for mining especially black granite, gold and tantalite. The district boasts of a rich cultural heritage being home to the world acclaimed Jerusarema Mbende dance and various heritage sites. There is a dearth of skilled and qualified manpower and a well developed transport and communications network.

Murewa Rural District council consists of 30 Councillors who form the policy making body operating through the Committee system. There are seven main departments namely: Administration, Human Resources & Social Services, Engineering, Finance, Internal Audit, Gender, Environment & District Aids departments. All these departments are headed by the Chief Executive Officer.

Vision & Mission

To Be A World Class Provider Of Community Services By 2018

Core Values

Upholding of guiding principles, rules and ethics in the discharge of duty.

Optimum utilization of resources.

Openness to client and stakeholders.

Being responsible for one’s actions.

Honesty and diligence in execution of duties and zero tolerance to corruption.


Council, in pursuit of its strategic intent, shall derive its mandate from the following:
1. Constitution of Zimbabwe (Amendment 20 of 2013)
2. RDC Act (Chapter 29:13)
3. Burial and Cremation Act (Chapter 5:03)
4. Cemeteries Act (Chapter 5:04)
5. Housing and Building Act (Chapter 22:07)
6. Housing Standards Control Act (Chapter 29:08)
7. Local Authorities Employees (Pension Scheme) Act (Chapter 29:09)
8. Names (Alteration) Act (Chapter 10:14)
9. Provincial Councils and Administration Act (Chapter 29:11)
10. Public Finance Management Act (Chapter 22:19)
11. Public Health Act (Chapter 15:09)
12. Regional Town and Country Planning (Chapter 29:12)
13. Roads Act
14. Shop Licences Act (Chapter 14:17)
15. Traditional Beer Act (Chapter 14:24)
16. Traditional Leaders Act (Chapter 29:17)
17. Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15)

Our Staff

Meet The Ladies & Gentlemen Whose Dedication & Skill Ensures The Smooth Service Delivery To The Community & Beyond

The Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Alois Gurajena

Council Chairperson

Councillor Amos Gutu

Engineering & Technical

Mr Sithole Ernest

District Aids Coordinator

Ms Letwin Rutendo Chanakira

Gender Department

Ms Winnet Chitauro

Audit Department

Mr Gorejena Tapfuma Chiseve

Environment Technician

Mr Serere John

Finance Department

Mr Noah Chimboza

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